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Privacy in Stream Processing
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The Internet of Things (IoT) envisions a world equipped with a huge number of embedded sensors. Often, the information inferred by stream processing is privacy sensitive.

Wearable Sensors and E-Health

Wearable (fitness-/health-)devices monitor different types of data. E.G. heart rate, body temperature, glucose level and location. Combining these information gives useful insights about the health and other aspects. The severity depends on the combination and what is derivable from that.

Smart Energy Grid

Smart meters measure power consumption and stream data to cloud for processing. That enables useful functions. E.g. optimizing energy consumption or planning of power supply. Contrary this reveals private information like the used electronic devices and all kinds of details about user activity.

Car Sensor Data

There are hundreds of sensors in a modern automobile. The manufacturer, leasing- and insurance-companies are all interested in a lot of the gathered information. For the user it is beneficial if the manufacturer tells him there is a problem with this car, but the customer might not want to be tracked all the time.


Technical concepts and methods for secure, privacy-aware data stream processing

With PATRON we want to reach two goals at the same time:

  1. Hide private information from unauthorized parties.
  2. Ensure quality of service/data to implement IoT services.


Publications regarding the research topic of Privacy in Stream Processing (PATRON).

Datenschutzmechanismen für Gesundheitsspiele

am Beispiel von Secure Candy Castle

Der Secure Data Container (SDC)

Sicheres Datenmanagement für mobile Anwendungen

The Secure Data Container:

An Approach to Harmonize Data Sharing with Information Security


  • 2015

    Proposal and Research Grant

    Creating the full research proposal and getting the funding agreement.

  • February 2016

    Official Start

    Starting with interviews and a workshop with industry partners we created use cases and got to know privacy requirements for different IoT-Stakeholders.

  • November 2016

    Workshop on Privacy in the Internet of Things

    With talks from Siemens (Dr. Jorge Cuellar) and Bosch (Dr. Simon Burton).

  • For

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